Boosted Auto Compounding Vaults

Each of our vaults provide auto compounding for farms on the Base network. Vaults work by allowing you to deposit your LP which is in turn deposited into the given farm. Rewards are then regularly sold and redeposited as additional LP into the farm. With every harvest the amount of LP tokens you have grows.

BAS3D Rewards

Our vaults offer a bonus to our users in the form of boosted BAS3D rewards. 40% of the daily BAS3D emissions are sent and distributed among the vaults based on TVL. BAS3D rewards can be claimed directly and are not auto compounded into more LP like the farm rewards.


The harvest function is what auto compounds the farming token rewards. As an example the USDC/ETH BaseSwap farm generates BSWAP, every time harvest is run the BSWAP is automatically sold and half is turned into USDC while the other half is turned into ETH. Those tokens are then used to create the USDC/ETH LP token and deposited into the strategy. In this way the amount of LP you own and the amount of rewards a vault is generating grows automatically.


The harvest bribe function is a way to decentralize the auto compounding. 3% of the farm reward is given to the caller of the Harvest function to cover the gas cost of running it. Once the harvest bribe award becomes more than the cost of gas to call the function it becomes profitable for one of our users to run it and auto compound the rewards for the whole vault.


Zappers make it easy for our users to deposit and withdraw from the vaults. Users can select the ETH option and the amount they would like to deposit, our vault will take that ETH and create the required LP token and deposit it into the vault automatically. This also works with withdrawing.

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