An overview of the BAS3D protocol

BAS3D is a pioneering yield optimization protocol accompanied by lucrative yield farming prospects. We have meticulously crafted this platform for utmost efficiency and effectiveness. Let's delve into a concise overview of the offerings awaiting you at BAS3D.io


Our vaults offer a way for users to access farming opportunities on Base and enjoy auto compounding of their rewards. In addition to auto compounding our vaults also offer a bonus reward of BAS3D to help you boost your earnings.

Yield Farming

The BAS3D protocol has one primary yield farm which receives 60% of the daily emissions. This is a way to add incentive and reward our liquidity providers. The farm uses BAS3D/ETH LP and users can deposit, withdraw, and claim at their will without any fee on their capital.

Revenue Share

The revenue share offers our users a way to partake in the protocols revenue which is generated from vaults. Vaults have a total fee of 10% which consist of 3% team, 3% harvest bribe, and 4% revenue share.

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